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Get To Know Global Sevilla: Cambridge International School In Jakarta

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What is Cambridge and how does it affect education in general? In a world where a competitive life gets higher over time, good education with international standards take a huge role for people. This is why Global Sevilla Cambridge international school has turned into one of the best education options in Jakarta. But what is it meant by Cambridge for school?

What Is Cambridge School? 

What makes the Global Sevilla Jakarta known as Cambridge school? The idea of Cambridge education pinpoints the use of an international brand of curriculum and education. Cambridge by itself is a known and proven curriculum used internationally. It is even used as a bridge and standard for certain tests and learning with the international standard for different academic levels.  

For an international curriculum, Cambridge is not only known and famous but also proven in emphasizing academic success, personal growth, and learning development. When properly implemented in the school, Cambridge comes to a level that is not only academic but also has strong positive characteristics. It is in line with Global Sevilla’s mission as an international school. 

What Does Cambridge Do To Education? 

Most of the Cambridge international school is not only focused on developing a better education and standards, but also provides a structure that allows students to face life in the world. In its implementation, Cambridge school also has a higher standard of education. It includes developing skills, personality, academics, and abilities both related to academics and personally. 

At its uses, Cambridge school qualification also helps students to get better exposure to both education and future opportunity. Students from Global Sevilla got the chance to expand their education to overseas educational institutions. It can also open up a bigger and better chance of working internationally. All goes with the fact that Cambridge is a standard for international education.  

How does Global Sevilla Include The Curricula? 

Cambridge’s curriculum comes in varying levels and designs. Global Sevilla in particular uses Cambridge as the main curriculum for the primary school alongside IPC. The Cambridge international school also uses its curriculum for a different level of secondary education. It includes Lower secondary checkpoint, IGCSE, and international A level and A test. 

To put it in short, Cambridge is an intentional curriculum that helps a school reach international standards. Global Sevilla is one of the successful schools in Jakarta that fully embrace the curriculum. The school has its alteration at every academic level, which explains why you should consider Global Sevilla for the best education for your children.  Reference:

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