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Getting at the equal wavelength with network intellectual health

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As a psychologist, or certainly any form of researcher or professional, it’s important to make complicated statistics extensively accessible. Why? So which you get your message out there – loud and clear. So that you could make tremendous change. And what higher manner to do this than through handing over your message immediately into the homes, motors and ear canals of your audience?

That’s exactly what Swinburne’s Department of Psychological Sciences did through becoming a member of forces with one in all Australia’s biggest network radio stations, Radio Eastern FM.

When Chair of Psychological Sciences, Professor Monica Thielking, reached out to Radio Eastern FM with the concept to collaborate on a psychology pupil and team of workers studies targeted radio application, the enthusiastic reaction from the station spearheaded a chain of conferences. Those conferences brought about a proper partnership among Swinburne and Radio Eastern FM to supply fortnightly radio interviews, now referred to as the Brainwaves application.

Bill Page, host of Radio Eastern FM and Swinburne’s ‘Brainwaves’ application withinside the studio.
Bill Page on the mixer at Radio Eastern FM. His segment ‘Private Collection’ features ‘Brainwaves’, a display created with Swinburne’s Department of Psychological Sciences. The display facilitates college students sharpen their verbal exchange competencies through translating complicated studies into accessible, clean to understand, and empowering statistics approximately intellectual health.

From the Moody Blues to assisting treatment the blues
Bill Page is the presenter of Radio Eastern FM’s Private Collection (on air Thursdays, 6 – 8pm) and has been for over 35 years. He began out the display out of a caravan in East Ringwood. And whilst he’s extra used to gambling the melodies of Blondie, Kylie and the Moody Blues (his all-time top-favorite artists), he’s additionally digging this fantastically new instructional take at the soundwaves.

Bill says he loves running in radio due to the fact first and foremost, he loves music. But he additionally enjoys the feel of intimacy it creates with its listeners, who withinside the case of Bill’s segment, are wildly various of their life and interests.

“There’s an entire gamut of folks that concentrate to the display,” says Bill.

“A lot of humans ring up for the company. Sometimes they speak approximately their life. You can inform there’s a few lonely humans out there. We can turn out to be a chunk of a connector.”

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