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Run The Tan: Physically Empty Mindful Bodies shivered with early-iciness kick back and pre-race nerves

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Magnificent mullets have been as ample because the centuries-vintage Oak trees. An acoustic cowl of David Bowie floated via the air. And the iciness solar shone brighter than the rainbow-colored activewear on display.

It become Sunday 24 April, the morning of the yearly and iconic Run The Tan event. And this year, Swinburne proudly subsidized the event. But, we did greater than simply flash our emblem on a few signage. Instead, we created an immersive (and spectacularly serene) Recovery Space that used generation to enhance intellectual health.

From the Botanical Gardens to the Otways on the flick of a switch
At our Swinburne Recovery Space, exhausted runners may want to come and flop on a beanbag, pop on an Oculus Quest VR headset and delivery their warm and sweaty our bodies to the cool and serene surroundings of Victoria’s Otway National Park – all with out even taking a step.

place, an immersive VR mindfulness revel in created through Swinburne’s Mental Health Online, become evolved and examined through a group of researchers, psychologists and VR developers. It presented customers a sequence of 15-minute mindfulness stories that featured 360-diploma photos of rainforest, which include flowing water, birdsong and leaves shifting withinside the wind, and guided audio meditation.  

Taking the stress out of performance
One Run the Tan superstar competitor (who, it must be known, is a completely humble person who become none too cushty approximately his ‘superstar’ status) become former Richmond premiership defender and Swinburne Bachelor of Psychological Sciences student, David Astbury.

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